1. Content managed rich internet applications
2. Animation that will melt your face off

Reclaim the World

Lavjaveler is about reclaiming your creative vision. Too often creative initiatives are compromised due to constraints on time and technology. Lavjaveler brings a proven workflow combined with the industry leading tools to present any creative vision as it was intended from the moment of inspiration. Don't compromise on your creative vision. Reclaim it.

Too often internet applications die once the developer hands off code on the final deadline. Lavjaveler specializes in linking websites and applications with content management systems. Your app can be updated internally from a custom admin interface, any number of off the shelf content management systems, blogging software panels, or from social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr. Don't compromise on your content. Reclaim it.


The name Lavjaveler (pronounced Lav-jav-el-er), comes from throwing purple practice javelins on the University of New Hampshire track team.
lavjav = Lavender javelin;
javeler = javeline thrower;
Lavjaveler = lavender javelin thrower;
(see logo for graphical representation)

Lavjaveler was founded in Burlington, Vermont as a motion graphics firm creating visualizations for trade show displays. Springing from those humble beginnings, Lavjaveler extended into the interactive space, combining cutting edge animation with object oriented programming techniques and custom frameworks. This means that we would love creating an advanced simulation of the swarming behavior of bats and then framing it inside a web app with content managed in 26 languages. In the past five years, we have worked on campaigns for adidas, Reebok, Puma, Sony, and Carnival Cruiselines (among others).

The Lavjaveler office is located in downtown Boston.